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As of 1 January 2013 JuraReeds was acquired by Joris Wiener. Under his direction JuraReeds strives to
serve you better in the future.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the newest high-tech CNC milling techniques we’re now capable of making and reproducing reed shapes with unparalled precision. Everything about our production process is highly geared to the quality of the reed. Our mission is to help every clarinet and/or saxophone player develop an reed that optimally fits with the mouthpiece.

The development of a reed is very important, as well as cane, which is equally influential in determining the quality of the reed. In order to obtain the highest quality cane, an extensive selection takes place. Cane from various growers is sought out and only the best cane is selected. Additionally the measurements of the cane (thickness and broadness) are very precisely manufactured. To accomplish the perfect smoothness, the cane is sanded twice with a diamond whetstone.

A good relationship and collaboration with the customer forms the basis of the product. After each deliver the client is able to give feedback. In the event that the result is not satisfactory, the reeds may be returned and together we will look for a good solution.

Joris Wiener (1959) studied at the conservatory in Utrecht with Aart Roozeboom, Jan Cober and Bas de Jong. While still studying he won a position as (bass) clarinettist with the former Dutch Ballet Orchestra. He plays frequently in many Dutch orchestras as a freelancer and is an avid chamber musician. It was during his years at the conservatory that he discovered a passion for reed-making. A flame that still burns with great intensity.