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Cane quality

Our production starts with testing and choosing different kinds of cane. We test the cane from many different growers (de Gare in Frankrijk and Corsica). Using our test results we choose the kind of cane that is the best suited for the different models of reeds.

First selection
We carefully select our cane sections. We only use the straightest parts. We have learned by experience that careful selection is very important.

The cane is split in four parts.

There are rest periods between the different phases. These rest periods are important for the settling of the cane so that the finished reeds are very stable and won’t change shape.

Second Selection
This is an important step to determine which cane will be selected to continue in this process. Only the segments with straight fibers are used for further reed production. The thickness of the cane is measured so that when sanding there is a sufficient amount. When the cane is too thin a reed can be smooth but the cane will be too soft.

The segments are sawed with a special circle saw to the precise length and angle needed.

The back side
The back side of the reed is sanded with our specially developed plane and milling machines. We are convinced that the thickness of the cane is of great importance. At a later stage the back is sanded completely flat and smooth with a diamond whetstone.

The sides
The sides of the reed are planed. The planes are carefully adjusted to fit to the desired shape of the blank. In this way the width of the reed can be tailor-made to both the bottom and top part of the reed.

The cut of the reed is made with our CNC milling machine which is linked to an advanced computer program. This milling machine is our company’s most important and unique piece of equipment. The milling machine can create any desired reed shape with accuracy up to 1/100th of a millimeter. We design each reed shape individually based on reeds supplied by the customer. This virtual model of the reed can be changed according to the customer’s wishes with the help of our specially designed computer program.

JuraReeds works with a marking that is burned into the rind of the reed.
This is a permanent method that does not influence the reed in any way, is not sensitive to water or saliva and is environmentally sound.

Final test

We test every reed on a mouthpiece comparable to that of the customer.
This is the last selection to determine which reeds are delivered to the customer. Each reed is carefully and thoroughly cleaned after this test.

Our packaging is designed to guarantee that the reeds are undamaged during transport.