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Adjusting reeds

JuraReeds gives workshops on reed adjustment. These workshops are for professionals, conservatories, music schools (also for teachers) and for private groups of advanced amateurs.

The workshop consists of two parts. The first part is a presentation which explains the theory and shows various aspects of reed making.

In the second part we work together on changing new reeds brought by the students. The necessary files are supplied by JuraReeds.

You will learn to have more insight into the functioning of the reed, easily applicable test methods for reeds and the knowledge to perfect a reed with a few easily attainable and affordable tools. Good reeds become fantastic ones, passable reeds become good and poor reeds are rendered usable.

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Mouthpiece/reed combinations

JuraReeds gives workshops to small groups of players and teachers to help choose mouthpiece/reed combinations.

This workshop begins with a presentation that explains different possibilities.
We give a lot of information about mouthpieces, reeds and the reed/mouthpiece combination as a tone generator. The explanation is practically oriented and given by the experienced teachers Oscar Ramspek and Frans Jurjaanz.

In the second part we demonstrate certain combinations and the participants can try these combinations themselves.
We also briefly discuss the importance of barrels and bells.

This workshop is ideal for making decisions about choices of mouthpieces and reeds. The workshop is not only helpful for players making these choices but for advising students of all levels.

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